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follow @em_ridley on instagram xo


follow @em_ridley on instagram xo

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i have work training tmr hahahaha wth 

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it was a terrible idea to bring my laptop along bcos i ended up trying to complete my sketchup and pissing off the poop, now the poop is ignoring me. but i have datelines to meet and this weekend is so packed with shit i have to finish at least 70% of the modifications so that i can consult my tutor on monday………………….. and i haven’t even touched desfun haaaaah

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it is a memory that i’ll rmb for life. it is a story i will never tell anyone else. it belongs to us. 

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"I wish you missed me as much as I miss you"

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"This isnt a project that you will be able to do the night before"


what is not possible for designers hahaha

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